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Live Assistant Component for Joomla by Igonos

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JomOnline for Joomla

JomOnline is a module for Joomla! JomOnline is a Joomla module that show on frontend registered users and online users of Joomla database. It is possible to use it stand-alone or integrated with Community Builder.These are the main features:

  • Users counter

    Counter for online and registered users

  • Users list

    Online userslist with jQuery accordion

  • JQuery

    Backend parameter for enabling jQuery inclusion

  • Community Builder

    Community Builder integration with link to chosen userlist (by configuration ID)

  • User Management

    Managing users from front end to the administrator

  • Mail send

    Mail send from administrator.











This Joomla chat component is delivered in native release for Joomla 1.5, and Joomla 2.5, the 2.5 version is also working for Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7. JomOnline is, in functionality, completely analogous for the different versions of Joomla.

The module can be used by itself (without CB integration) and has the following features:

  • displays the number of connected users,
  • displays the number of registered users,
  • may show an accordion (rendered with jQuery) with online users (You can disable this feature from back end). The administrator can modify users information directly from the front end.

Using JomOnline with Community Builder integration

Integration with Community Builder, in addition to displaying the number of connected users and registered, allows to link to the "Members List" of Community Builder. From back end is also possible to set the id of CB users list to show.



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Written by: Marco Biagioni