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  • AWARDSWPfbChat +Plus was chosen by WHS as one of the 2012 Best Web Tools
  • COMPATIBILITY Wordpress version 3 and later
  • HOW TO GET IT Download (within 2 days from date of purchase) - REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Unit price: 12.99 EUR|

Ajax chat for Word Press - facebook like

The version WPfbChat +Plus is a ajax chat "Facebook like" for Wordpress. The plug is released for versions of Wordpress 3 and later. The main features of the Plus chat version are:

  • easy and plug 'n' play installation,
  • avatars managed by plugin ,
  • emoticons,
  • audio,
  • high possibility of customization,
  • no advertising,
  • high reactive support with ticketing.

+Plus was chosen Best Web Tool 2012




Plus chat version functionalities:

  • avatar management integrated in the plugin (uploading images and auto-resize),
  • setting files dimension limits for avatars images,
  • parameters to define how to resize the avatar (images size or crop a square),
  • automatic generation of avatars if not inserted an explicit one,
  • emoticons with selection from pop up or by typing,
  • possibility to install new sets of emoticons,
  • optimization of the performance exchange messages,
  • advanced management of multi-user,
  • no advertising,
  • parameter for online user status (green / gray),
  • user management in separate windows,
  • ability to set user status (Available, Busy, Invisible)
  • feature sound for incoming messages and new clients connected,
  • audio test.
  • Require PHP 5.2.0 +

Free version functionalities(built in plus)

  • Ajax tecnology to update the chat,
  • chat with users registered and logged in to the site,
  • ability to set a message describing the status of users,
  • management of configuration parameters for the update times of messages and the user list,
  • ability to create files for other languages ​​in an easy and fast way,
  • management settings for deleting old messages kept on the database,
  • can go offline without logging out from the site.

    The Plus version includes all features of Free version revised and improved in every part with a particular attention to the optimization of the component and its operation.

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Written by: Marco Biagioni
Written on: 06/03/2012
Last Updated: 09/11/2012