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Highest level of accessibility for Gallarate Hospital PDF Print E-mail

The new Gallarate Hospital website developed by 2punti is at the highest level in terms of accessibility.
The principal objective of the project was to create a dynamic, secure, modern portal and at the same time adhere to standard accessibility principles. For this reason it was developed to be in compliance with national and international recommendation:

  • validate XHTML 1.0 Strict (maximum) from the W3C online validator;
  • validation WCAG 1-2 AAA (the highest score) using “SortSite” software the specific program developed by Powermapper to validate sites accessibility;
  • compliance with Section 508 specifications.

For more details on the validations you can see the Hospital page “Site Quality Report” which lists the validations performed.

Modernity has been investigated with a mediation effort between the technological and regulatory aspect.

The issue of security is being addressed by 2punti mainly in two aspects:

  • security of the server that is hosting the site,
  • disaster recovery plan.


Written by: jacopo sagramoso
Written on: 22/05/2012
Last Updated: 09/09/2013