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Joomla Accessibility Tools

The range of products called "Accessible tools" was created by 2punti from its experience in accessibility to offer everyone the opportunity to create accessible websites with Joomla. The purchase of each product is a ONE TIME COST! There are no monthly / yearly fees.

Resizer & High Contrast

  • resizing fonts (front end)
  • high contrast (front end)
  • customizable access key
  • plugin displayed on every page
  • storage of users browsing settings (via cookies)
  • multilanguage front end management
  • multilingual backend management
  • reset function

Is one time cost.

Accessibility bar & screen reader

  • all Resizer functionalities
  • multilanguage Screen Reader
  • selective high contrast
  • zoom with magnification lens
  • lightbox contents extraction
  • accesskey
  • wide customization in back end

Is one time cost.

Joomla 1.5 accessibile (JomAC)

  • advanced core changes
  • accessible template
  • XHTML validation and purifier
  • plugin Resizer & High Contrast
  • acces key
  • override of standard Modules and component for accessibility
  • multilanguage management with JoomFish
  • integrated component for backup.

Is one time cost.


Secure Payments
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Written on: 14/05/2012
Last Updated: 09/11/2012