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JomAc temlate accessibile per Joomla 1.5

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WHY an accessible version of Joomla 1.5

JomAC is a rock solid Joomla 1.5distribution created by 2punti that is WGCA2 triple A compliant..


2punti provides assistance over time for JomAC, allowing long term support to those who wish to use this product for building accessible sites.

For accessibility, in the Internet world, is meant the ability to deliver information and services that are accessible to users without discrimination, even if they were to use assistive technologies or special configurations dued to disability.

Accessibility is therefore a synthetic expression that includes a very broad concept that you can fully appreciate only when you build an accessible website. JomAC offers the basis for building an accessible site, but should be the concern of those who continue develop and who places the contents , embrace the accessibility constraints for the construction of an accessible website.


The validation of this Joomla 1.5 distribution has been runned against the software "Sortsite" of Powermapper with the W3C XHTML validator and the validator of the W3C Web Accessibility Accessibility initiatives. Together with the distribution there is the installation guide.


The installer is based on the component AkebaBackup, that is similar to the Joomla! native installer, so who had already used this procedure is already able to install JomAC on own server. At this address there is a tutorial for installing JomAC.


  • Advanced core changes to make joomla 1.5 compliant to WCAG 2 Triple A
  • Accessible template with three different colors: red, blue, green,
  • XHTML validation and purifier,
  • Plugin Resizer & High Contrast,
  • Acces Key,
  • Override of standard Modules and Joomla Component for accessibility,
  • Multilanguage management with JoomFish,
  • Integrated component for backup.
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Written by: jacopo sagramoso
Written on: 02/03/2012
Last Updated: 10/12/2013