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  • DESCRIZIONE Facebook Chat per Joomla - PLUS VERSION
  • HOW TO GET IT Download (within 2 days from date of purchase) - REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Unit price: 21.78 EUR|
1 domain, 0EUR | 3 domains, +26.14EUR | 5 domains, +43.56EUR |

Ajax chat for Joomla

Why the Plus version of the popular Chat for Joomla

JomfbChat +Plus version is an ajax chat for joomla improved in every part from the free version. The purchase is a ONE TIME COST for each domain where you install the chat. This product provides a rewarding experience thanks to:

  • simplified installation,
  • integration with important components (Jomsocial and CB),
  • emoticons,
  • audio,
  • no advertising,
  • tiketing through timely assistance.


From the purchase of the product the tiketing service is guaranteed for 1 month. The purchase of chat is a one-time cost.

This Joomla chat component is delivered in native release for Joomla 1.5, and Joomla 2.5, the 2.5 version is also working for Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7.

For the front end you can choose different languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Greek) explicitly from the component configuration, while the back end is translated from the selected language pack in Joomla! Within available languages: Italian, English, Spanish and German.

To purchase JomfbChat + you simply have to register on and add to cart the product following the procedure. Once purchased the product you will have access to an area called "Download my products"." You will also find, in the product folder, its tutorial.


+Plus version functionalities

  • Jomsocial integration,
  • Community Builder integration,
  • avatar management integrated with Jomsocial and CB,
  • link to Jomsocial and CB users profiles,
  • possibility of limiting the display of available users in chat list to only users added as friends within Jomsocial and CB,
  • Emoticons with option to select image directly from the pop-up or write the shortcut (by staying with the mouse pointer on the images of emoticons a title is displayed corresponding to the keystroke shortcut),
  • possibility to request support for the installation of new sets of emoticons,
  • optimization of the performance exchange messages,
  • advanced management for multi-user chat session and multitabs with storage of unread messages for the maintenance of a page refresh in user session,
  • no advertising,
  • no configuration needed for Joomla installations located in subfolders (no longer requires the configuration of base tag or other settings),
  • dynamic mode for online user status (green / gray) with timer or considering logged users always online,
  • dynamic mode for incoming new messages notifications and popup
  • improved management of conflicts with other javascript libraries,
  • dynamic setting for js files position inclusion needed for chat(enhancements to conflicts management)
  • dynamic setting for jQuery library inclusion (enhancements to conflicts management)
  • test audio.
Secure Payments
We use PayPal for processing payments, the most secured third party payment that offers powerful anti-fraud protection. Remembar that If you pay online with your credit card through PayPal, you can still rack up reward points.



Free version functionalities

  • technology Ajax for chat updating
  • chat with users signed up and logged on the site
  • users management in separate windows
  • possibility to set up the user status (available, busy, invisible)
  • possibility to set up a descriptive message of the user situation
  • management of configuration parameters for updating time of messages and users list
  • management of configuration parameters for the language (English, Italian)
  • possibility to create files for other languages in easy and fast way
  • management of setting to delete obsolete messages storaged on database
  • audio functionality for message in arrival and for new clients connected
  • possibility to appear offline without to logout from the site
  • audio test
  • UTF-8 support
  • PHP 5.2.0 required




In Joomla extensions said about our chat +Plus version:

FINALLY!!!!! One worth the buy!
Smooth install, smooth configuration.
Worked Out of the Box.
Integrates nicely with Jomsocial

1 suggestion would be tho to give back end more control over color of actual component as visible on front end, instead of requiring modification of the source to do so.

Great Chat System
This is a great chat system. The installation is quick and easy. The backend options are very clear to understand. It auto recognizes the most popular community plugins. It would be great to have that option auto enable it but that is nothing major.

The price is very fair. However, it would be better if they include how to modify the chat software visually with the download and not a la carte. Luckily, I did not need to buy it but there are some Joomla users that are not familiar with how to edit those options.

I would recommend this extension to other users. I did look at their competitors and this one is (in my opinion) one of the best ones for the features and seamlessness it offers.

Easy to install and work out of the box
I will give this product a 5 star rating. I have tried other chat programs before I come across this one. After installation I had problem with the sound due to other libraries on my joomla site, I contacted the support and within 30 mins the issue was resolved. I will highly recommend this chat software to anyone who want to include chat functionality to their website.

Picks Up Were others leave off!!!
After 2 years of wanting a chat for my joomla/community builder site I have finally found one that works as advertised!! The chat bar is smooth, clean and full of options, and support was very quick to answer a question I had!!!

Just fine
This chat works very well, and the support is reactiv. Very happy with that JomFacebookChat +Plus

Written by: jacopo sagramoso
Written on: 27/02/2012
Last Updated: 02/10/2012