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Collaborative Learning is the Learning Management System (LMS) developed by 2punti born with the explicit attempt to evolve the world of online formation.

We supply institutes, companies, university with all the instruments to face at best the processes of learning based on collaborative models. Graphic intuitive and facility of use makes CollaborativeLearning solution unique in the panorama of e-learning.


The principal functionality of our LMS

  • users management for group and courses belongings,
  • indexing courses card compatible with SEO,
  • home page “dynamic” where new courses and new categories are automatically underlined,
  • e-commerce courses with management discount cod. and correlated courses,
  • interfacing form camp log in with purchased form,
  • test, quiz, estimation,
  • possibility to create different didactic objects,
  • learning object ad hoc developed,
  • standard compatibility SCORM,
  • search engines dynamic courses (manage by the administrator) with under levels (father/son),
  • data management system (repository),
  • reports and statistics,
  • ...



Why Collaborative Learning
  • training modules,
  • possibility to govern volumes of information and rule pulling down barriers and distances between the control room, the didactic organization and the users of formative distances,
  • possibility to create tailored path, easy and speed in change.
  • constant and timely updating of didactic material, in relation to change in technical and legal, with immediate reporting to management,
  • possibility to manage interactive teachers - tutors - direction - the learners,
  • no hardware investment and no ordinary and extraordinary investment for the maintenance of the platforms,
  • many of the new training requirements are driven by normative requirements and by evolution of organizations which have to deal with new situations,
  • employees feel the need to be trained on several aspects,
  • cost reduce of learning management and constant monitoring of results.
  • Flexible learning and individualized (24h / 7 days worldwide),
  • Scalable systems.